About Sound of Sunshine

What is the Sound of Sunshine Show Chorus?

The Sound of Sunshine Show Chorus (SOS for short) is Central Florida’s chapter of Sweet Adelines International, located in Orlando, FL. Our members come from surrounding counties to sing with our award winning chorus, and enjoy the special camaraderie that we share. SOS promotes harmony, friendship, self-esteem and sense of belonging among women of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds and levels of performance readiness.

The Sound of Sunshine is a 501-C non-profit organization. The singers are all volunteers, range in age from teenagers to retirees and travel from seven different counties throughout Central Florida to be a part of the chorus. Not only do they sing but also they support a number of musical education programs one being The Young Women in Harmony Program. It focuses on acquainting young female singers with the barbershop style, primarily in school-based choruses and quartets. In addition, the program provides music educators free educational materials and music for junior high, high school and college age singers. Instructors may also receive volunteer support from the Sound of Sunshine chorus, quartets and individual members. The efforts are helping to fill the gaps left by budget cuts in the arts curricula in public schools. Music educators and students from around the world are responding enthusiastically to this program.

We regularly entertain at civic and charity functions, hold an annual show, and compete with other choruses in the State of Florida and internationally. SOS has won the regional contest several times.

The mission of our organization is to advance the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. Through Sweet Adelines International’s Outreach program, Young Women in Harmony, education materials are distributed free to any vocal music teacher who requests the information.

What is Barbershop?

Barbershop music with its close, unaccompanied four-part harmonies and ringing chords, is a uniquely American folk art. It evolved in much the same way as other forms of vocal music. Although no one can say exactly when or where barbershop music began, the growth of the tradition was certainly aided between the 1860s and 1920s by the types of songs popular at the time — songs characterized by sentimental lyrics and uncomplicated melodies that could be harmonized with a variety of four-part chords.

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